Canción 'Dark angel (Daemon Mix)' interpretada por Nosferatu

Dark angel (Daemon Mix) Letra y Canción


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DARK ANGEL (DAEMON MIX) es una canción de Nosferatu.


'Dark angel (Daemon Mix)'

Dark angel, give me life,
Dark angel, take us high,
Give me heaven, give me gold,
Take the living, take the old,
Take the knife, break the bone,
Feel the blade, and feel the stone.

Dark angel, a cold come through to us.

Dance into the darkness, a hand from southern skies,
We know which way the door will close and wait for the surprise.

And they will come,
And they will dream,
And they still live,
To take this heaven and a cut of mine.

Dark angel, cut the skin,
Love the red delight,
Kneel at the moonsign,
Bless this gift for you,
Cry at the moonsign and bless this gift for you.

Seventeen sounds break the chains,
three wheels, three worlds,
A kiss goodbye, a kiss for sorrow, fly fly fly away.

Dark angel, in the light of your eyes.
Dark angel, in the light of the moon.
Dark angel, in the light of the punishment.
Dark angel, can you believe,
Dark angel, in the splitting of a second your life did shine