Million Eyes


Letra de la canción

Deep beneath the southern skies, and watch me win a million eyes - 2x

Yo, what you think you doin' nigga
Nigga where you think you goin
Nigga watch your place, acting like you're not knowin
Showin' your ass, nigga show me your teeth
Bisk and showin' your scars deep
Three fifths of man versus poppa large, who's in charge
Can't bargain, can't win, I'm in the zone to
Plot to your kind of kin
We blend to bite the bottom
Share proper shacks
After monks n' cotton
People forgotten, f*** 'em
Bad luck sucks
Black bucks will be more bucks
For Daddy Warbucks, and stuck-up society whores
Shake my family tree down to the core
Even more is hidden,
Forbidden to your eyes and mind
More lies fashioned for the un-wise
Nothin' surprise me no more
I be surprised if shit changed
I'd fun fast and far if I could escape this cage
Can't contain my rage
Guess that's why they keep me locked
Keep me livin' hand to mouth, hustlin' for what I got
If I drop a crumb, here come the vultures
All I really got that's mine, is my pride and culture
What ch'all want that too?
Wouldn't you hate me, if I was you?
Wouldn't you want me dead
Take a minute, let that sink into your head
You call me enemy, my blood's red
I'm flesh and bones, too human like you
Can I live, sayin' really (I'm sayin')

Deep beneath the southern skies, and watch me win a million eyes – 2x

I stood up to be counted,
You beat me down surrounded by your million eyes
My bones cracked, it sounded like Hell's thunder
Under attack, arms pinned back
Blurry vision, bloody, can't see who first stuck me
Between my thighs, I felt ugly
They took turns to f*** me
Beneath southern skies, they want to shame me
Make me think I'm nothin
But I'm still every woman, plus
Won't give them the satisfaction, of reaction
These bastards will have to kill me
Spill my blood on the roots of this willow tree
While strange fruits swings off the limbs of plenty
If that be G-d's will, then so it is
I'd rather die in birth, than raise his kids
I leave this black hole with my soul intact
Never looked back, now once he put his tongue in my mouth
I'm a spit on his fronts, never give in
Gotta go, I'll scrap him even if I can't win, (what)

Deep beneath the southern skies, and watch me win a million eyes – 2x

Letra añadida por: shemkasai (#218)

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