Albert One

Stone Crazzy Letra

Albert One


Stone Crazzy (Letra/Lyrics)

Now, let me ask you this... off the record.
Is it true what they say about how they... smoke a lot of, y'know...

Yeah, yeah
Everybody get up, Beatnuts
World's Famous, no doubt!
Straight out the laboratory
Fuck, what?

Your mother sucks cocks, and your father

I beat too savagely, it doesn't even matter to me
I hold this down like gravity, reality
is unloaded, the foul mouthed brain exploded
The gun-totin, the Charles Manson pres votin
The bitch chokin, the hydro cheeba smokin
Leave ya witcha nose broken, the ill spoken
Killer, f*** your little girl like Magilla
The wild Gorilla, gun down Barney Miller

Yo, f*** these niggaz yo, they violent, they violent
Yo, yo, what the f*** you doin yo? Punk?
Can't shoot a cop son!

*singing* You must be stone crazy (4X)

[Psycho Les]
Here's my ultimatum, niggaz don't have my shit laced
No question, little did you know, you came here for confession
Cross-examination, my organization stack figures
And when you f*** up we chop heads, no fingers
Fuc*** around, with those Beatnut niggaz
Now you missin body dumped in different rivers
Full-fledged rapper with the Stone Crazy singer
I'm comin at you with the ice pick yellin ?Bre vega?
Because I perceive you a sneaky, analyzer
Touch the equalizer, get shot by the tranquilizer
Who shot ya?
Who? The bilingual mandingo, roll trees
but prefer leaves, don't give a f*** about drug beefs
Peep the headlines, stay high
Twenty-four/seven, lali out with the red eyes

*singin* You must be stone crazy (repeat 4X)

Intoxicated, intoxicated, intoxicated
F*** you was thinkin ni***? F*** you was on?

Round and around and around and around
And around and around and around we go
Yo, Beatnuts, World's Famous
Round and around and around and around
And around and around and around we go
Yo, drinkin a glass of Prozac so get the Bozack

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