Letra de la canción

Morning cartoons
my superhero
oh yeah, gonna fly in
Don't turn your back
don't walk away
enter the dark
as cold as say
ya think i'm wrong when you know i'm right
the truth is your so damn different
from all the other fellows i've ever known
i didn't expect you to be so under control
your the light that guides me kinda through the door
your my superhero ???
tell me do you really wanna really wanna ride with me
i wanna ride with you
you know you do me right
tell me do you really wanna really wanna ride with me
do you really wanna to
You know your my superhero
you bring out the little girl in me
and when push comes to shove
your right there flying out my window sill
People talk really vague
speak their minds although they pray
to a god with out a face
the truth is that i probably belive
in my morning cartoons
like i did when i
was only knee high to my mama's thighs
it was easy then and it's so easy now
but if you like you can pry me to the night
(chorus x2)
All you know i really wanna ride with you


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