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I'll take you at your word
and as far as I can throw you
leave you with the baby
and I hardly even know you
it's gut check time for daddy
when it's loaded and unlocked
got to go in to press some skin
and leave it gleaming in the dock
would you watch her for me sir?
I'll have to take you at your word...

I read up on the stallions
marked an X inside the box
I just want the strong one
not the one who counts and talks
and if you roll the sleeves up on your shirt
I'll take you at your word

doc's flicking at the barrel
with the needle to the sky
got me counting backwards
as it sinks into my thigh
you said you'd cut me good
and I'll have to take you at your word...

I trust in my abilities
but I want more than they offer
working then gambling like the cycle of water
it's harder to breathe as you're raising the stakes
move, bubble, rise, rain and evaporate

not an atom left to hold me
medicated on the bus
I'm sleeping soundly as we're swerving
but the driver's not I trust
c'mon Big Bopper c'mon Buddy
get in the chopper
hope your boots aren't muddy
she's an airworthy bird
I'll have to take you at your word...

I trust you to be on it
completely bonded and stone cold honest

Letra añadida por: AdriRanis (#82)

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