Sweet Little Rock And Roll - Chuck Berry

Sweet Little Rock And Roll

Chuck Berry

Letra, canción


'Sweet Little Rock And Roll'

Sweet little rock and rollerchuck berryshe'd 9 years old and sweet as she can beall dressed up like a downtown christmas treedancin' and hummin' a rock-roll melodyshe's the daughter of a well-respected manwho taught her how to judge and understandsince she became a rock-roll music fansweet little rock and roller, sweet little rock and rollerher daddy don't have to scold her, her mother can't hardly hold hershe never gets any older, sweet little rock and roller(instrumental)should've seen her eyes when the band began to playand the famous singers sang and barred awaywhen the stars performed, she screamed and yelled "hooray!"ten thousand eyes were watching them leave the floorfive thousand tongues were screaming "more! more!"about 1500 waitin' outside the door(repeat and fade):sweet little rock and rollerfrom: collins crapo <roxtar@srv.net>

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