Blown - Silent Speech

Silent Speech Letra

Hands On Approach


Silent Speech (Letra/Lyrics)

Hey boy, what is the word for love?
That one day will be unheard

Hey man, waht is the word for hate?
If you look, it's written on your face
Better days, don't wait to come
They are only words when they are gone

Silence speaks so loud inside our heads
Makes words brigther inside our heads
Maybe one day you'll get somehow
Silence is love...

I'm wasting time saying no, words are so clear
I'm feeling good I don't know
Surely it's fear...

Words don´t mean nothing to me at all

Silence speaks so loud inside our heads
Makes words brighter inside our heads
It's easy when you hear the song
And know what really matters
Silence is love...

Words are insane, they don't seem to fit
More than just words, I say it like this
Ahh, ahh, ahh...

Datos de esta canción

SILENT SPEECH es una canción de Hands On Approach del año 1999, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Blown. Agradecemos a AdriRanis por haber sudido la letra de Silent Speech.