Crazy Town

Letra de la canción

Fucking Crazy Town is dubbed dude
They're fuc*** gonna kick a new market wide fuc*** open
A new level of asskicking
If anybody fucks with them they're gonna get a new ass-kicking
and I'm gonna fuc*** deliver
Cause I have no fuc*** ties
I got no fuc*** contract
I got nothing to lose
Anybody fucks with us mother fuck***
they gotta f*** with me
and I'm gonna f*** 'em up
Cause I got nothing to lose
Don't f*** with Crazy Town
They fuc*** rule dude
Ya know
I don't know if they even know how fuc*** big they are already
I don't think they do personally
But that's my opinion
Your may yours may be different
Facts are facts
They're gonna be fuc*** huge
Get used to it
F*** you if you disagree
You have no idea
Crazy Town
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: bbnjamin (#5.914)

Crazy Town
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