To leave once more - Menudo

To leave once more


Letra, canción


'To leave once more'

I have always dreamt of having
Time to spend with someone
Without having to leave,

But it's only a dream
At least it is for me
Strange as it may seem,
I don't have it all
Don't have time to love you as i please
But the day will come
When it's only you and me

To leave once more
Once more i have to cry
Just like before
I have to say good bye
As i depart
In your hands i leave my heart

One more farewell
For i must leave today
So much to tell
So many words i've never say
To leave once more
Once more again, the same

As i turn arround
Look into your eyes
Knew one day you'd be there by my side
It to feel once again,
Can't keep living,
As a friend

So good bye i say
I must be on my way
Take my hand
And tell me it's ok
One day will meet again
But for now this love must end.

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