Alejandro Sanz


I am already here, another time, rehearsing
a new farewell, here putting under an obligation to give
the first step of my escape
Hung of your mane, bundle to you for chains
to you, to you.
Damned desire, my will poisons
full with you my existence of you, for tí
I cannot believe it, I cannot believe it nooooo.

But you are mine, so strongly mine
that until I sit down an unjust and selfish being
but he/she loved you an until always
and however I have begged, always stay to my side
both together, against the rest of the world.

Me that rehearsed my speech and by heart he/she knew it
today in front of you, I stay in white and I forget sentences
You look at me and you finish me, I surrender when you sigh
for you, for you
And another time you win me, it hooks me your laugh again
you catch me in your shirt in you, in you
they can me your lips, they can me your lips nooo.

And I love you mine, deeply mine
although it is in this street without exit,
always so mine, intensely mine
although I know that it is a madness that ties us
to go both together for the life
against the rest of the world.