Mi  soledad y yo - Alejandro Sanz

Mi soledad y yo en inglés

Alejandro Sanz


Mi soledad y yo (en inglés)

How you are, how's it going he/she goes you
There it is by day, it is not at night
Is that city beautiful, to go of vacations?
And the hotel, era truth that is so romantic and luxurious
As in the publicity with those beaches of the pictures
In madrid it is raining and everything continues as always
Only that you are not and the time passes slowly
I am crazy for that return
He/she makes so much that you left
You won't fall in love there, you promised it
Please, when you can you call me
That my solitude and me
Without you we don't take ourselves well
The day I spend drifting
Our encounter imagining
I will kiss you, as anybody in this world kissed you
I will love you, with the body and with the soul
With the skin and the heart
It returns soon, we wait for you
My solitude and me
I no longer entertain more you
You that somebody is waiting for you
Tell him that he/she should speak lower
To the one that has said that you don't take

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