Alejandro Sanz

Letra de la canción

Under the rain you see people thinking
always he/she will make a mistake in what place...
thinking where it will arrive, from where he/she comes,
what wants, what will give...

Under the rain people and the histories go,
the moments go, looking for the reasons,
the chance amid the rain goes,
she walks in the fed up mirrors of flying,
do I continue here between sheets and music where you will be?

That it rains, reflections that drown hurt,
what you want I am fancied to see you, and it hurts.

Under the rain good and bad people go,
all equally, the poor person, the rich one,
the estresada and the vulgar thing, and amid the rain they go,
beginnings and final, drop to drop will make of fights and of truces,
unique lives where you will be?

That it rains, your hair is wet and it hurts,
it doesn't care so much but today it rains... it rains.

The rain girl wraps everything, don't become sad,
also to that woman that at some time lost,
the sky is a mirror about to leave,
he/she goes spilling the time in the gray asphalt,
the blasts of doubts are unbearable
and the floods of memories never have end...

Under the rain they go... it doesn't care so much, but today it rains.
Under the rain they go and they come... and they come.
It hurts me so much that your hair is wet walking.
Take refuge in that corner under the heart
It hurts me, it hurts me...
to me it hurts me so much that your hair is wet walking
It hurts... and it hurts, neither it cares so much, but today it hurts.
You go, I go... the whole world, heart goes.
It doesn't care so much, but today it hurts...
Take refuge and it hurts
Today it hurts
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: mara-14 (#117)

Alejandro Sanz
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