Kiss Kiss Kiss


Letra de la canción

I'm not gonna stop you (stop you)
But before you go
Hurt me so I can't forget you

Say it wasn't love
Say I was a fool
Anything to tear me apart
Why do you care?
Why do you smile?
Why are you holding me now?

Kiss kiss kiss
Kissing you one more time before
You walk out that door
Wishing behind these lips oh baby please stay (please stay)

Now you know I'm me
Looking down the street
Thought I could handle this moment
But your love was good
So so so good
And it's too much to lose

Miss miss miss
Missing you as you turn around
Walking out that door
My heart is crying out oh baby don't go (don't go)

I won't tell you so
Or that I love you (no, oh)
I've gotta let you go

Letra añadida por: AdriRanis (#69)

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