Cowboy Mouth

Letra de la canción

Slow dancing moving to the rhythm
Of my anger written in stone
There's no reason nobody needs to know
Should meeting somewhere in the distance
There's no rain or chill in the air
I feel something you always said was there

I'll be waiting when the storm is over
I'll be waiting when the fever is high
Share your anger but swear that you'll never

Take it out on me

Let me see you smile
Let me hear you scream
For a little while,
Don't take it out on me,
Cause there's nobody else around

Heart's beating flowing like a river,
Your safe opening's close to the door,
If you feel trouble
You don't have to stay no more

Old passions rising to the surface,
I look towards the day I was born,
I'm so torn
fuente: musica.com

Cowboy Mouth
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