50 Cent

Letra de la canción

composição:Curtis J. Jackson; R. Cruz

" G-Unit"
50 Cent…
Love you me?
I only am behind a good night!

Hallo! Girl how are you?
You are girl well?
I am writing this music for you
In it I go to say what I feel for you
Hahaha…Not if he is deceptive with that you go to speak for I I deserve who you
I am being crazy for you
This night goes to roll! (Houu)
Girl you go to like what I have to give We to you two I go kissing in them (Kiss)
Later we go to settle
The night very goes to be good with I and you (Baby)
Together we go loving in them
Kisses, affections, fool play
I and you…G G G G G G "G-Unit"
This passion is wild me leaving for you (Houu)
I already spoke to you that its leaves I smell me wild for you?
Yes I go to speak with you
We go to play today the night very
Papa does not go to be for close…Hahaha
I and you go to use to advantage the night
Why mother also does not go to be here
Only I and you…Only I and you
In the end of the afternoon I to catch go you in house
To take a walk in my Ferrari
Madness we go to make later
The night we go for one I sing
In the hotel alone I and you
Hahaha…does not think that it is forever
The 50 are very wanted
I am wanted by many and you
My partners know that with me the plate is hot I to say goes you why
We Gangsta's are burning hot
Until its staff already he knows
You not yet wise person?
That penalty…More the diversion is only today
We have that to use to advantage the maximum that will be able Gangsta I am and you what is?
We are of the evil…We are of the great City… Hahaha
I will smear you all…I go to use to advantage
Do not call me love why alone you go in lying down today
You to them you are happy with this situation?
Therefore I am as soon as I am
A pretty man who all want
You cannot be with me forever
I go to catch a beer and to show to my stolen good…Hahaha
You go to like the night
I and you go to play until not giving more
Only I and you…Only I and you! Hahaha

50 Cent…
Gangsta's in New York…
You did not think that she would marry me!
Not with me!

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50 Cent
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