Amigos del corazón
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Las Populares

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AMIGOS DEL CORAZÓN es una canción de Las Populares.


Amigos del corazón (en inglés)

I want you to count with I crumb
where fence I follow you
we are friends
friends of the heart.

And if you have a problem
if something you full with pain
your friends never left you your friends will be
friends of the heart.
To help to that feel better
to be able to leave the pain behind
because in the good ones and in the bad ones I am.

baby, I request it a hug I request you
that not this all lost one
one comes a better world.

baby, is not to follow the road
to arrive to the destination
it is not necessary to loose the helm against the wind and I will always be with you
against all that that not, baby
friends of the heart.