Take Your Time Letra y Canción

The S.O.S. Band

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TAKE YOUR TIME es una canción de The S.O.S. Band que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco S.O.S..


'Take Your Time'

Oh, baby, take your time -
come on, baby.
oh, baby, take your time.
You know you ought to slow down,
you been working too hard and that's a fact.
sit back and relax a while,
take some time to laugh and smile.
lay your heavy load down,
so we can stop and kick back.
it seems we never take the time to do
all the things we want to.
Now, baby we can do it
take the time - do it right,
we can do it, baby -
do it tonight.
Baby, we can do it, ...
The love i feel for you,
you feel for me.
one life is all we have to live,
one love is all we have to give.
there are so many things
for us to do and see,
let's take some time to be alone,
lock the door, pull out the phone.
Baby we can do it, ...