Letra de la canción

Take back our land

america the pitiful
in self we trust and so we fall
but guard your tears unfaithful ones
their drops will show your glory’s gone

and it’s hard to breathe
Will we see that the freedom we need is a gift we receive not a work we achieve.
the blood of patriots is only finite.
and the cries and the pain of our tortured land will be silenced and healed
by the touch of his hand.
the blood that saves eternal flows from jesus christ

we’re all wounded, it’s pride inflicted.
so we hide it, our nations cry is…
"god bless america though she loves the things you hate,
god bless america as we’re pushing you away."
This is our land and we’re taking it back.
we’ll win this nation one by one.
we all know this is the war that we’ve been called to fight in
for adonai.
Please have mercy.
won’t you save us?
we all seek his mercy.
repent, receive his mercy
We won’t lose hope.

fuente: musica.com

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