Canción 'Back To Square One' interpretada por Citizen Fish

Back To Square One Letra y Canción

Citizen Fish

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BACK TO SQUARE ONE es una canción de Citizen Fish, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Deadline.


'Back To Square One'

A sense of wasted chance and time
Goes deeper than we can accept
On an everyday level so down it goes
Moments of clarity under our nose
But the words get stuck and nothing gets done
Back to square one

Strength in numbers and help to believe
Conviction gives and hope receives
How far can the circle be stretched to hold
The "us and them" divergency?
When equality isn't for everyone...
Back to square one

Message received it's a boundary thing
Up the ladder how far do we go?
The rat race says we better join in
But everything else says "just say no"
It's an instinctive way to run
Back to square one

Where getting along is top of the list
The weak and the strong are part of a mix
Where rights and wrongs are relatives
The difference you get is the difference you give
Where nobody is the only one
Back to square one