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Tangerinethe jimmy dorsey orchestramale vocalist: bob eberlyfemale vocalist: helen o'connellwords by johnny mercer; music by victor schertzinger#1 from the week of may 9, 1942 through the week of june 13, 1942(male singer)tangerine,she is all they claimwith her eyes of night and lips as bright as flametangerine,when she dances bysenoritas stare and caballeros sighand i've seentoasts to tangerineraised in every bar across the argentineyes, she has them all on the runbut her heart belongs to just oneher heart belongs to tangerine(female singer)tangerine,she is all they saywith mascara'd eye and chapeaux by dache.tangerine,with her lips of flameif the color keeps, louis philippe's to blame and i've seenclothes on tangerinewhere the label says "from macy's mezzanine" yes, she's got the guys in a whirlbut she's only fooling one girlshe's only fooling tangerine!
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Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra
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