Otro Día En El Planeta Tierra - Niña De Tilcara

Niña De Tilcara
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Niña De Tilcara Letra

Good morning girl of Tilcara
I have been for single two days here
it was to leave to Humahuaca
and unintentionally I saw you
Good morning girl of Tilcara
I believe that you like my guitar
allow me to play for your
he/she makes while I don't sit down this sensation
the last time that the memory
I was eight years living with my former wife
Good afternoon girl of Tilcara
this is something that I cannot believe
with the feet in the river, in front of the Gulch
vos fences my
the sun is exactly and the maté also
But I am confused
I don't know what I should make
I have a group in Buenos Aires with friends
I have to return, it should return
but this is perfect
this is perfect, it is perfect
Good night girl of Tilcara
I don't know if tonight I will be able to sleep
in spite of taking three Clonazepán
I cannot stop to think
I should be quick, I am falling in love
and I won't pack
everything will stay like it is
when getting up I will pass to look for you
I will make love with you
there won't be penetration
I will enjoy saying you to the hearing
that I made you this song
Good morning girl of Tilcara
I came to say goodbye
soon I leave
it is that I always move away from people that I want
but the only thing that I wait
it is see in January again
January tilcareño, January tilcareño
Gulch and your
Good morning girl of Tilcara, good morning...

Datos de esta canción

NIÑA DE TILCARA es una canción de Intoxicados que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Otro Día En El Planeta Tierra. Agradecemos a mara-14 por haber sudido la letra de Niña De Tilcara (en inglés).