Canción 'Artists Rendering Of Me' del disco 'The Opposite of December (A Season of Separation)' interpretada por Poison The Well

Artists Rendering Of Me Letra y Canción

Poison The Well

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ARTISTS RENDERING OF ME es una canción de Poison The Well que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco The Opposite of December (A Season of Separation).


'Artists Rendering Of Me'

With all my said unsaids / never swallow
the idea of a happy ending
another days memory dies
as i'm made to smile / these lifeless days
have left me with an empty heart
another wounded memory dies
i could / never / swallow your false ideals
of a lifeless / happy ending
how could words slit wrists and doors close
present day heart felt moments / killed by a slap
to the hand / another wounded memory dries
poisonous screams with messages
not thought of when released
another day here / another memory dies