John Frusciante

Letra de la canción

And then the past recedes
an I won´t be involved
The effort to be free
Seems pointless from above
You´re looking down at me
I´d rather stay below
Than have you staring up at me
It is nowhere I want to go
Ay, this business of how long we try to stay alive
Why to be here you first go to die
So I gave it a try
And what do you know
Time was so long ago
And things come back you see
To where they don´t belong
and every drop of sea is the whole ocean
I lied to the greatest thieves
about anything and everything
I´m a figure of forgotten speech
I´m out of reach
I can´t play it safe
But I´m might just in case
I´m disguised as a reaching hand
I´m a working man
I don´t understand why clockout
come so slow everytime
That´s one line I stay right behind

Letra añadida por: Yo kapa

John Frusciante
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