Oval Opus

In a world where time fly's quick
Hurts so much it makes me sick
How people love to judge everything we do

Look your best and play your part.
Lack of substance in their heart
Point their fingers as if they've got a clue
Now I finally realize what I must do


See me as I am, I can't wait any longer
See me as I am, I don't feel any stronger.
See this is me, See me as I am.

I understand it's not your fault
You only do what you were taught
Funny how it seems we always pass the blame

Now I know why I feel this way
I'm sick of all the silly games we all play
I'm still trying to figure out
Who's making up these rules?
Now I finally realize what I must do


Woke up with a headache today, rolled over and tried to go to sleep again.
Frustrated, underrated, I'm so tired of being jaded.
I'm trying to figure out just what I'm gonna do
Please help me figure out just what I need to do
Cause no one every told me,
Yes no one every told me
See no one every told me
No one every told me.
I didn't know.

Oval Opus

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