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Consequences and repercussions
That's what you gotta deal with when we start bustin'
It's time to see who's real and who the f*** bluffin'
Cuz ya'll talk a lot of shit but we do a lot of flushin'
Consequences and repercussions
That's what you gotta deal with when we start bustin'
It's time to see who's real and who the f*** bluffin'
Cuz ya'll talk a lot of shit but we do a lot of flushin'

[Verse 1](Danja Mowf)
Ayo let me introduce myself -- Danja Mowf
So much flava I should juice myself
Been nice ever since I first tied my shoes myself
Now I write and arrange and produce myself
Didn't get financial aid paid them dues myself
Got every single scar every bruise myself
Used to hustle underground makin' moves myself
Now I'm taking over rap just got the news myself
So rude for not telling ya'll excuse myself
I get so caught up in a rhyme shit I lose myself
Yo I write to amuse myself
But I'm still the bomb yo can't even diffuse myself
So to make a good example I'ma use myself
To show that you don't have to act hard to prove yourself
Everything I do from now on improves myself
Cuz we've got to make a change and that includes myself


[Verse 2](Mad Skillz)
It's a beautiful thing when my voice touch the reels
You know MC's how many you know can f*** with Skillz?
It's like real wrestling when I tussle the track
I'ma promotin' type cat I'm here to push your shit back
Talk and get smacked where your words be at
My flow get it on, yours? a third of that
I'm hotter than a lot of niggas and it ain't by chance
Some of these cats can deal with it but some of them can't
Underrated? yeah and I hate it
A thug? man you sit between your boy's legs and get your hair braided
Spicy ass niggas with no direction
Acting like bitches that need affection, nah correction
Niggas that just started rhyming and act like bitches
With dicks that have no balls and know how to touch mic switches
How the f*** you sound?
I suggest you get a condom walk in a circle and go f*** around


[Verse 3](Lonnie B.)
Lonnie B yeah I'm still around I'm just living my life
Cuz shit's realler now nigga need scrilla now
I had a sweet flow can't you see it's bitter now?
Considered a rookie, ten years I done been around
F*** it I'm taking mine got ten i'm taking nine
I'm politicin' like a kingpin that's facing time
Stabbing the pad with my pen got my paper crying
Don't tell me shit I kept it underground since '89
Flow with the best of ya'll f*** all the rest of ya'll
I bet it all on this music I'm under pressure dog
A deuce fiever, mental masturbator
Feeling myself everytime I spit something I made up
My whole crew got platinum plaques how you gonna play us?
Nice on the mic twice as nice on the fader
The SupaFriendz crew you've never seen nothin' greater
So bow down and praise up, throw your hands blaze up


Ce Ce Peniston



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