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We're in the darkness
We are inside our hiding place
The sound and smoke pour down on
Us and so we have to
Speak with our eyes
To hear your voice would be a surprise

We're all just kids from a
Round town and so we know
That outside in the real world
It doesn't matter what we do
We know for us there's nothing new

So drop your hesitation and come with me
Nothing that we say can hurt us now
We'll take this night and make it remember us
There's nothing stopping us
Now so come with me

I know you're only here to
Kill a few more hours
I could be somewhere else but
Now I've got my reasons not to go home
I don't want to be there alone

You know you've got to stop
Thinking about right and wrong
Tonight it's you and me
It's now or never we've got nothing to lose
We can do whatever we choose

Letra añadida por: shemkasai (#504)

Information Society
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