Better Alone de Avril Lavigne

Better Alone Letra

Avril Lavigne


'Better Alone'

The morning is good if me wake up and to meet to his/her side
But in most of the time you are absent
You are probably betraying another girl
And not always thinking about me.

Oh boy oh boy, i look in their eyes
Oh boy oh boy and i notice
Oh boy oh boy
I look in their eyes and the morning is perfect


But i know that i love you
And i cannot let you to betray me
You will probably say that i am too young
But i know what to do
And i will make that decision
I think that i am better alone

As it can you to betray a young and sexy girl
That he/she knows what to do when you are for close
You know that i am against that
And i hate when you leave me
But i love you a lot
But i am not willing to that

You say that will be home 10 in the night
But for me that doesn't mean 7 of the morning
You know that i would like to know in which bar you were
But i know that you will never tell me, because you don't have respect for
You are too lazy for removing his/her buttocks of the sofa of mine
But then i say that you want a beer
And that you always want
You don't get to stop
And it thinks he/she knows how to control so well
But i know and i want to speak to you
That i am better alone
Then please he/she thinks again
Because that is the end

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