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What have we started? - Letra

Sophie Ellis-Bextor

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'What have we started?' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Trip the Light Fantastic .


My eyes don´t lie
They show the truth
I´ve fallen for you
To fight it´s no use
I promised myself
I´d never give in
But your love won me around
My feet left the ground
And so here I go again

What have we started?
Don´t break this heart of mine
Have I been fool enough
To let you walk away with all of me?
What have we started?
I´m so far in this time
That if you hurt me now
I may never love again

Look at me now
I´m under your spell
Where does our story end?
It´s for you to tell
See I´m old enough now
To understand love

What it´s capable of
And the pain it can cause
Oh but here I go again


I don´t want to waste this chance
You could be well worth the danger
Better to have loved and lost
But it´s so hard to say now I´ve given my heart away


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