Disquito sustituye a Tommy Makem & Liam Clancy


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Oh, me name is dick darby, i'm a cobbler
i served my time at ould camp
some call me an old agitator
but now i'm resolved to repent
with me ing-twing of an ing-thing of an i-doe
with me ing-twing of an ing-thing of an i-day
with me roo-boo-boo roo-boo-boo randy
and me lab stone keeps beating away
Now, my father was hung for sheep stealing
my mother was burned for a witch
my sister's a dandy house-keeper
and i'm a mechanical switch
It's forty long years i have traveled
all by the contents of me pack
me hammers, me awls and me pinchers
i carry them all on me back
Oh, my wife she is humpy, she's lumpy
me wife she's the devil, she's cracked
and no matter what i may do with her
her tongue, it goes clickety-clack
It was early one fine summer's morning
a little before it was day
i dipped her three times in the river
and carelessly bade her "good day"

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