Letra de la canción

As i walk away in silent strides
as i crumble down in skyless nights.
It was only desire, you said
i don’t know what i want but i’ll take it anyway.
life is like a roulette so roll with it
either crush or get fed.
Sun shines in my face like the
dust under carpets
oh ashes ashes ashes
and i feel desire
to destroy my devotion
ashes ashes ashes
Now the damage is done we can’t go back
how to disappear beneath the cracks.
It was just foolish pride so don’t act surprised
it was time to let go and to find another life
anywhere no where i don’t care x3
you act like we should share
when you crush me like sand/
Touch me
kiss me
love crush me to dust (blow my mind away)
crucify me
with your boot to the ground
(blow my mind away)x3
Feel desire…


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