Pajama Party

Letra de la canción

Don't need a lover
who's a mystery
I want somebody
who can talk to me
Don't need someone just
putting on a show
You started something
baby don't let go

Don't make me wait
too long for your reply
(Don't make me wait
too long)

You ought to know that
you don't have to hide
Tell me you're ready boy
look in my eyes

Baby put your love on me
just open up, don't play Hide and Seek
Show me so that I can see
What's on your mind? Don't play Hide and

Like when you want me
and you let me know
Like when you hold me
and you don't let go
Each time I see you
walking through my door
I feel the passion growing
more and more

Don't make me wait
around for your reply
(Don't make me wait around)

Make up your mind boy
Don't you move too slow
Tell me you want my love
Come on let go

Baby put your love on me...

When we touch
I feel this strong attraction
You know I felt it from the start
And when we kiss
it starts a chain reaction
and it's burning its way
straight to my heart
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: shemkasai (#218)

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