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The Girl Letra

The Rappaz


The Girl (Letra/Lyrics)

I saw this girl pass,
she was sittin on the grass,
this boy was tappin her ass,
she told him "don't harrass".
I saw the same girl at school,
i was making sure i looked all cool,
i needed to use her as a tool,
whyle she was sowin some wool.
This girl is fine,
she sets chills up my spine,
she's all mine,
i'll even drink some wine
i love girls. girls are on my mind. girls girls girls. i said girls girls girls,
I see her at the mall,
i see her down the hall,
you mess with her i'll slam your face in the wall,
don't motherfuc*** touch her or you'll fall.
God damn she had big titties
it looked like she had good strawberry fillin,
she said don't touch them whyle you're drillin,
she said"uhh stop because your killin".
She said "come and taste my pie",
i hope you just don't die.
In bed we where gonna fight.
All the fuc*** night.
And we both saw the light.
Next day i saw her on the street,
she was wearing something sweet,
she had nice shoes on her feet,
and a bra made out of weet.
We took a little stroke down the park,
she said she would like tofuck on the dark,
so i fuc*** her like a shark,
then i left her a mark.
Now i feel good,
i'm goin back to the hood,
i was carrying s piece of wood,
cause for a long time i had stood.
Repeat chorus 3x

Datos de esta canción

THE GIRL es una canción de The Rappaz.