Letra de la canción

Love and passion is gone
You say no love is there
You had me believing that you had really cared
How long must this pain go on deep inside
Why did you have to go
Why did you have to say good-bye
I heard that life goes on
I know time heals all wounds
It's hard to carry on when love has walked out on you
Oh why can't you feel the way I do
Why did you leave me all alone

Tears of tears that will fall and fall
Knowing that one time I had it all with you
Tears of tears falling from my eyes
Ever since you said, why did you have to say good-bye
Repeat (1x)

Since you've been away I've tried to remain strong
By not showing my affections
To prove that you were wrong
But throwing us away
Leaving memories aside
It gets so hard to never show what's really deep inside
You know I'm always there
But will never know I care
I feel I have to hide my love for you this time
Are you just so blind to not see that love is here
Why did you throw our love away

Chorus (2x)

The times we spent together I cherished in my mind
Now I realize you were never really mine
The need to have you near me
To show you how I feel
Please say that you'll be mine girl
Because my love is real
I said to you nothing will change
Everything will be the same
Deep in my heart girl, you're my eternal flame
Tell me what can I do to prove my love to you
There's nothing in this world for me
I live my life for you

Chorus (2x)
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: shemkasai (#504)

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