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At Long Last Love Letra

Ozzie Nelson


At Long Last Love (Letra/Lyrics)

At long last loveozzie nelson(words and music by cole porter)introduced by clifton webb in the musical "you never know."(verse)i'm so in love, and though it gives me joy intense,i can't decipher, if i'm a lifer,or if it's just a first offense.i'm so in love, i've no sense of values at all.is this a playtime affair of maytime,or is it a windfall?(refrain)is it an earthquake or simply a shock?is it the good turtle soup or merely the mock?is it a cocktail this feeling of joy,or is what i feel the real mccoy?is it for all time, or simply a lark?is it granada i see or only asbury park?is it a fancy not worth thinking of,or is it at long last love?from: gloria "montcomags" <montcomags@mclinc.org>

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AT LONG LAST LOVE es una canción de Ozzie Nelson.