Johnny Paycheck

You know, i worked the big packet show in fort worth, saturday night,
we had all day sunday to rest and relax, before i caught another flight.
so i decided to walk down town an' get myself a little fresh air.
before long, i found myself in front of a big church on the corner of the square.
Boy, i could hear that singin' way out in the street, sure was a beautiful sound.
so i just walked up the steps an' opened the door an' started to go inside an' sit down.
but before i could, a young man walked over to me an said: "excuse me, sir,
"but i can't let you in with that big black hat, those jeans, that beard an' long hair.
So i just left, went back outside, sat down on that kerbing, an i thought to myself:
that's the house of the lord. that guy's got the hell of a nerve.
tellin' me i can't worship anywhere i please.
so right there, in front of that church, i just knelt down on my knees.
I said: "lord, i know i don't look like much, but i didn't think you'd mind.
"i just wanted to be with your people, lord: it's been a long time.
"a while ago, a saw a wino over there in the alley, all bent over in tears,
"an' i thought how one stained glass window, from this church, would feed his family for years."
"then there's those fine cars parked outside: too many for me to count.
"made me think how people walked for days to hear your sermon on the mount.
"then there's those fine ladies in the choir, lord, singin' like they really love it.
"hell, last night, they were dancin' on the front row of my show: drinkin' beer, screamin: 'sing shove it.'
"you know, even john the baptist wouldn't be welcome in this place,
"with his coat made of camel hair an' sandals on his feet an' a long beard on his face.
"you know, lord, when you come back to get your children, an' take 'em beyond the clouds,
"to live forever in heaven with you: well, i'd sure hate to be in this crowd.
"you know, lord, i'm not perfect; some even call me no count.
"but i'll tell you: i believe a man is judged by what's in his heart, not what's in his bank account.
"so if this is what religion is: a big car, a suit an' a tie,
"then i might as well forget it lord, 'cause i can't qualify.
"oh, by the way, lord, right before they kicked me out, didn't i see a picture of you?
"with sandals an' a beard. believe you had long hair too."
"well, this is paycheck, signing off.
"i'll be seein' you lord, i hope."


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