Renato Russo

Letra de la canción

He says good bye and he crosses the street
We fly high after the two
But the beers had also finished and cigarettes.

Care with the thing coisando for there
The thing thing always and also thing this way
It kidnaps its rescue, poisons its attention;
It is adjective substantive verb and/and palavrão.

E carinha of the radio does not want to silence the mouth
E wants my money and my opinions
However, if you to want to have fun itself
It invents its proper songs.

It will be that life in Mars exists?
Windows of hotels
Empty garages

E exists many formats
That they only have varnish and does not have invention
E everything that against what always they fight
That is accurately everything what they are

Martians invade the Land
They are inflating my ego with air.
E when I find that I am almost arriving
I have that to fold plus a esquina
Same E if I will have my freedom
I do not have as much time thus
Same E if I will have my freedom:
“He will be that life in Mars exists”

Letra añadida por: El Heredero (#41.589)

Renato Russo
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