Leo Dan

Esa Pared (ingles)

Leo Dan


Esa Pared (ingles) Letra

If the world could estrecharte serious so happy
But beautiful it would see it by you
But not that there is between us
That it separates every day more of you that wall to me that
It does not leave verte me must fall by work of the love,
That wall that always separates to us must fall,

We must platicar the hours that thinking I am in you
They become eternal,
As it is possible that you nor understand
Whichever I want to you
And my heart will be so happy
If you are mine, if you are mine,
If you are mine,

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ESA PARED (INGLES) es una canción de Leo Dan. Agradecemos a fr@g@ por haber sudido la letra de Esa Pared (ingles).