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Life with Derek:

For all I know, you could be near
and every breath I take, you could feel
For all I know, you're just a thought that crossed my mind
What I wouldn't give to live that thought of mine.

For all I know is nothing's changed
Nothing ever will if I don’t leave this place
For all I know, you're waiting for me to whisper your name
What I wouldn't give to kiss your sweet face

For all I know, you forgot me
For all I know, you're different, completely
And everything we had was never what I thought it was
But for all I know, oh it was love.

Now everyone has a name
And every face always somehow looks the same
I always feel so alone, especially when it rains
For all I know, boy, you do the same, yeah

Yeah I didn’t know that I need you here
All I had, I gave away cause I was still afraid to feel
All I feel, oh I tried so hard to not feel
It's killing me, it's killing me

Letra añadida por: xAb_fan_100%britney! (#1.246)

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