Them - The Cranberries | Uncertain - EP

Them Letra

The Cranberries


Them (Letra/Lyrics)

Don't listen to what they say
Make up your mind, walk away
Oh don't even give them the time of day
They put you wrong, turn away

So why'd they all just walk away
There was something wrong
But you don't want to say

Oh why did they listen to someone else
I did something wrong

Oh that attitude
They all got that attitude

Something they say
Make up your mind, walk away
Oh oh never happen again
They've all gone wrong, gone insane

That's why they all just walked away
There was nothing wrong
Didn't want to say
Oh that's why they listened to somebody else
I did nothing wrong,
Nothing I could say

That's why, that's why
That's why, that's why

Datos de Them

THEM es una canción de The Cranberries del año 1991, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Uncertain - EP.