Theophilus Thistler de Sonic Animation

Theophilus Thistler Letra

Sonic Animation


'Theophilus Thistler'

An exercise in vowels
Theophilus Thistler the thistle sifter,
In sifting a sieveful of unsifted thistles thrust three thousand
Thistles through the thick of his thumb.
Robert Rowley rolled a round a rolled round,
And if Robert Rowley rolled a round a rolled round,
Where is the round roll Robert Rowley rolled round?

Dividing and gliding and sliding,
And falling and brawling and sprawling,
And driving and riving
And striving.

Hardly had his hale highness heard the easy hedgehog,
When he hit the humming-bee by the
Hunter, who had horrible beetles in the human hall.
I love to hear the horses hard iron hooves, go
Hammer, hammer hammer, hammer hammer, on the easy highway.
I hit my horse hard and hurried
Him out to hunt up hogs.