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Girl You Hear Me Crying - Letra

Tony García

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I hear a silent whisper going through my mind
Ever since you said goodbye
I never dreamed that love could hurt this way
Until the day you took my heart away
You just don't know what I am going through
You left me all alone
How could you be so cruel

Girl you hear me crying
For you my heart is dying
And what do I have to do
To prove my love is true
Girl you hear me crying
But can't you see I'm trying
To mend this broken heart
Still in love with you

I feel so all alone without you by my side
Now the days go slowly by
I try to tell myself it's over now
I got to get you off my mind somehow
But if these broken dreams just fade away
You weren't here, my love for you will always stay

Chorus (2x)
Chorus (2x)