Jimmy Dean

Letra de la canción

A thing called lovejimmy deansix foot six, he stood on the groundweighed two hundred and thirty five poundsbut i saw that giant of a man brought downto his knees by lovehe was the kind of man that would gamble on lucklook you in the eye and never back upbut i saw him acryin like a little whipped pupbecause of lovecan't see it with your eyes,hold it in your handbut like the wind it covers our landstrong enough to rule the heart of any manthis thing called loveit can lift you up, it can let you down (1)take your world, turn it all around ever since time nothins ever beenfound that's stronger than lovemost men are like me they struggle and doubttrouble their mind day in and day outtoo busy a livin to worry about a thing called lovebut when i see a mother's tenderness as she holdsher young close to her breast,then i thank godthis worlds been blessed with a thing called loverepeat

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