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Things i find
Coming down or going up is where i started from.
inside out and outside in between.
leaving or arriving to a place i've been before.
falling down and getting up again.
there's something outside hidden in the air for me
i'm not sure good or bad just what it is.
things i find you know that they don't stay for long
there here, and then, they're gone.
having things both ways then you could have nothing at all
giving not receiving so they say.
a lonely crowded space has left me wondering far away.
where i had departed to before.
a stranger is someone who you will meet but never know.
they come and go some stay like life long friends.
trustin and suspcious i have approched them in a day.
like faded dreams and nightmares in my mind.
friends that once were close become so distant over time.
the miles turn to inches when i see.
blinded by the light the darkness lies within their eyes.
friends and strangers, voices from the past.
farther down the road is closer to the place i've found
searching and i'm hiding from within.
in cities and the country these are places that appear.
some angel or some ghost has left me cold.
destruction or creation carves a path that leads to me
what i've said and done before i've meant.
they bought my thoughts and stole my dreams when i have come along
destination is the place we started from.
a stranger to the distance takes me where i want to be.
a distant friend has taken me some place.
escaped and or in a prison i can soon set myself free.
friends and strangers living side to side.
ascending to the bottom of a flattened space i see.
an obstacle that yields the way somewhere.
deep in shallow water is a reflection that i see.
its friends and strangers looking at to me.


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