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lil seano
its tha posterboard rocker its da fuc*** show stopper i bus at niggas have them sitting right back in their rocker. when things get thick my ammunition bus quick, so get the f*** out my way for i start to sticking. put tha west up in da air hoe ass niggas vest up and hide ya fuc*** chest for i make u tuck up trucks on buck is what us gees love to ride 20inches spinning like the circle of pride.
ph fator
watch me burn it like a sweet or da reaction from my trunk nickname should be icons cuz i gets this bitch crunk i gon sit wit the turds cuz u no im the shit boy them wheels to big how u get them rims to fit ph factor phillo is my alias hoes want me cuz they say that im so contagious u cant fade this wit 10 years of barber college i cant take phillo serious cuz he always smiling thats what these hoe be syin but i be dening despite they still want me nigga cuz my piece be shining its crazy how the women want the ph factor im as throwed as them sticks that they throw in africa for fool im as cool as p in the pacers i went to waterworld they say look out for dat glacier its a false alarm it jus be my piece boss get this fuc*** flo for dis beat deceased
tha boss
let me rip tha da mic i used to goto worthing high school wit all tha damn fine dykes my wheels and my watch look like im skating on ice i broke dem boys off i got the old school nikes on my feet im bout to start passing out sweets watch all these hoes hop out on my meat my dress code u no it gotta be unique i coming threw this bitch wit throw back jays on my damn feet i swung and i swang.