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Time And Time Again Letra

Chronic Future

'Time And Time Again' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Burnout 3: Takedown Soundtrack.


'Time And Time Again'

Inspiring, shining, rising
And when you're in my way
I'm not dividing me from you cause we're working together
Perfect in its splendor like the currents of the weather
The splinter in my center hindering all of my pleasure
Is me manifested as you in this endeavor
Once responsibility is taken I can render
Experience to be however I want to remember

Time and time again we fall in to the depths of who we are
But you can't keep running away from what you're trying to find

Put yourself through the scariest of scenarios
Enter experiences you normally wouldn't dare to go
It's all for the character and the arrogant afterglow
Of knowing it's appearance according to your patterns of growth
And what your parents handed down to you to handle
Make sure you carry torches when their putting out your candles
Predictions can be unkind but unwind them still
Don't erase the part of you that's responsible for your will

[Chorus:Repeat x2]

Well I've seen you and those things you do
And the way you hide that shadow can't be good for you
Your dark defines your light

There's some utterly damaged particles to deal with
And if I stutter I'm sorry but it's hard to feel swift
When stuck in my stomach is a cannon ball anchor to lift
I've been pushing it down pretending it doesn't exist
Well this is what happens when you're pissed about being pissed
You dig yourself so deep you resist just to resist
And there's no way to get back experiences you missed
So start right now today and risk furiousness for bliss

[Chorus:Repeat x3]