Amanda Stott

Letra de la canción

Hit a bucket at the driving range
Did an hour at the batting cage
Stuck quarters in the asteroid game
I went home the reigning queen

Whipped up a little six course lunch
Watched reruns of the Brady Bunch
That got me up to half past one
Still got hours ahead of me

Boy you better come back quick
I'm at the end of my list
I'm running out of things to do
To keep from missing you
I'm starting to scare myself
I think I need some serious help
What am I supposed to do
To keep from missing you

Every store at the shopping mall
Took the long way home got lost
Back in time just to miss your call
Stay calm girl don't come unglued
Figured I'd just fall asleep
Only took about a thousand sheep
I finally found you in my dreams
And I gave you a good talking to

[Chorus: x2]

What am i supposed to to to
Do to keep from missing you

To keep from missing you

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