Disco 'Poetry & Aeroplanes' (2003) al que pertenece la canción 'To Meet You'

To Meet You



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It's five miles 'till I see my lover
I guess you could say she's more than that
I've been sat in this seat now for hours
Reading my book like a map
These windows are crying
This train is dying to meet you

This train is filled with emotions
That all make me think about you
When we pass these old desert stations
I want to go there with you

It's four miles and counting
My hands are shouting to meet you
To meet you is fine
For I know you're all mine
Waiting is nice
I can think of her eyes

These tracks can lead just to one place
And your face that I'll kiss and embrace when I meet you
I'm wondering if you'll ever come with me
We could play husband and wife
We could waltz around this globe and it's mysteries
And then rest till the end of our lives

It's two miles and closing
I'm overdosing in you

To meet you

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