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I have 30 days to let you know,
then i wouldn't have to let it show,
making me want you more and more,
but i've never been so sure
How can i deny my love for you,
i tried to fight it girl but it won't do,
told my heart that i don't want you,
but i lied cause that's not true
Girl you know that i will love you so,
i will never want to let you go,
everybody says i'll make you sore,
i just need to ignore
Please listen to me and hear me say,
that i want you so let me stay,
i will show you love the truest way &
love you everyday
I kept thinking to myself again,
you're my sunshine after the rain,
so girl don't let me feel the pain &
make me go insane (oh girl no)
to say or not to say?
to say or not to say?
to say or not to say to you,
to you

people say nothing ventured nothing gained,
so i tried to confront you to know your name,
but i was too shy and i refrained,
flushed my chances down the drain
Why can't life be easy like abc,
so that things can work between you & me,
but i've learned the hard way respectfully,
oh i hope that you can see
Now i want to confess that i love you,
it is not a dream but it is true,
after all the things that i've been through,
now's the time that i tell you (my baby)


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