Andre Ratchford

Verse 1:
we know that we've got eachother, and
there ain't nothin' that'll ever break us apart.
we've been together like this for so long.
you know you'll never leave my heart.
if things were to change between us,
i would go so crazy.
you know you mean so much to me,
so baby please just stay with me.
we've been together for all these years,
let's stay together oh please dear.
Verse 2:
it's hard to say what i would do,
if i never ever got with you.
we spent the years in happiness,
let's please not wreck this sweet,sweet bliss.
i love the feel of your soft lips,
please just one more tender kiss.
i know the feelings you once had are slipping away,
but we can't just let it end like this.
you don't want to hear a thing i say,
al i can hope for is a brighter day.
let us please just stay together,
i want to be with you,forever.
after all the punishment i've recieved,
i still don't want you to ever leave.
Chorus(repeat once)


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