The Church

Letra de la canción

Come down, another day
Morning streaked on a perspex screen
The screaming beaked blackbirds peck
The wrecked eyes of last week's lies

The sandman gets shallow sleep
He tries to weep for the grown-up things
One last peep for policemen
A'resting in the woodland side so steep

Oh and I hope I'm not going too fast for you
And don't believe it when they say it's over
It's not over

There's an ice age due on Wednesday
Overcast sky, blocks of fortune
The bridges sigh, the sweethearts are blank
They never thank, no, they never even try

Winking paperboy
Paperwork, overloaded portrait
Let it jerk you back to yesterday
That's where the curtains start to fray

Too fast for you
Too fast for you

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